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  • Build interactive cross-platform COSMIC applications.
  • Create asynchronous actions to be performed in the background.
  • Configurations available to libcosmic applications.
  • Integrations for cosmic-config — the cosmic configuration system.
  • Cosmic theme library.
  • Select the preferred async executor for an application.
  • Select preferred fonts.
  • Iced is a cross-platform GUI library focused on simplicity and type-safety. Inspired by Elm.
  • The core library of Iced.
  • Asynchronous tasks for GUI programming, inspired by Elm.
  • A renderer-agnostic native GUI runtime.
  • The styling library of Iced.
  • Use the built-in widgets or create your own.
  • A windowing shell for Iced, on top of winit.
  • Select the preferred icon theme.
  • Subscribe to common application keyboard shortcuts.
  • Recommended default imports.
  • Stylesheet implements for crate::Theme
  • Contains the Theme type and its widget stylesheet implementations.
  • The COSMIC widget library


  • A set of asynchronous actions to be performed by some runtime.


  • Represents a type that you can apply arbitrary functions to. Useful for when a method doesn’t return the receiver but you want to apply several of them to the object.
  • Represents a type which can have functions applied to it (implemented by default for all types).

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